Week #8 - Games of Interest

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Re: Week #8 - Games of Interest

Postby reef » 3 weeks ago

If PC wins so be it I personally like to see them struggle. I hope we dance and they don't
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Blue Man
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Re: Week #8 - Games of Interest

Postby Blue Man » 3 weeks ago

I’m certainly not saying that rooting for or against a team means you’ll sway the game...I am merely pointing out the absurdity of rooting against your interests.

Since most on this board are URI fans, I would think the goal would be to see URI do as best they can when it comes to the NCAA tournament.

Since we have a top rate coach, making the tournament isn’t good enough any more. The goal is to advance to the second weekend.

The higher our RPI and the more quality wins we have, the better our seeding will be.

Considering the fact that we have a realistic shot of preferential seeding, in a bracket that would see the regionals played 90 minutes from campus...I would assume everyone would be rooting for that outcome.

The fact that all people can see is PC losing a game and don’t understand how that affects our team baffles me.

I think it’s either an educational point for the posters who may not understand how RPI rankings work/affect our NCAA tournament experience...or a hypocrisy worth pointing out.
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Re: Week #8 - Games of Interest

Postby Rhode_Island_Red » 2 weeks ago

Ever hear of Italian Alzheimer's? You forget everything but the grudges.
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