Exhibition vs Buffalo for hurricane charity

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Re: Exhibition vs Buffalo for hurricane charity

Postby RhowdyRam02 » 3 months ago

ATPTourFan wrote:
Ramulous wrote:If we bring a check who is it payable to ?

A check? Just flash those Bemjamins, homeboy!

As Randy Moss said, "straight cash homey"
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Re: Exhibition vs Buffalo for hurricane charity

Postby TruePoint » 3 months ago

PeterRamTime wrote:Yeah VCU was fine after losing to Queens last year.
Just a little wake up call for them. Liberty ain't bad either.

Although, if we lose to Buffalo I can't say I won't be a little worried.
Definitely wouldn't want to participate in a angry Dan Hurley practice after that...

Did anyone see the Dream Team 30 for 30, where they claimed that Chuck Daly threw a scrimmage against a team of college all-stars to try to send a message to his team? Aside from purposely losing, there are other things that you could do that reduce your chances of winning if you don't care whether you win or lose the game, like experimenting with lineups, offensive sets, defensive approaches, etc. You aren't scouting, you aren't game planning, you aren't playing the game to win. As fans, we aren't privy to what those things are, so it doesn't make sense to read a lot into the results. At least from my perspective.
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