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Postby rodfromcranston » 1 year ago

Funny, how when an unstoppable, unbeaten, whirlwind, like
Mike Tyson or Ronda Rousey get beaten, they are never the same.
The aura of invincibility leaves them, and they become pretty
Mike Tyson was the most dominating boxer I've ever seen, until
Buster Douglas KO'd him.
Tyson also had a lot of other negatives going on in his life,
but was never the same Iron Mike.
Rousey got destroyed last year by Holly Holm, and her mojo
clearly is gone after last night's 48 second destruction of her.
A long way from the woman who challenged Floyd Mayweather,
at her peak, not too long ago.
I wonder if we'll ever see her in the octagon again?
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rambone 78
Frank Keaney
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Postby rambone 78 » 1 year ago

Rousey is great on the floor.......but she's not a good boxer.....they've figured her out.....I doubt she'll come back.
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