One Big Home documentary

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One Big Home documentary

Postby The Dude » 1 month ago

Since many of us live in RI or simply love Rhody in general, whether it's for it's scenic beauty or general character, I feel many of us can relate to this particular documentary, so I figured it was worth posting about it. The documentary is called One Big Home

This film gives a comprehensive look at the struggles of one man, an entire community, & modern day land development. It's filmed on Martha's Vineyard and centered around the town of Chilmark, MA. The movie really gives you a great sense of the varying perspectives associated with the attempt to strike a balance between modern development practices and the beauty & character of the natural environment. You really get to see the emotional and physical tolls it takes on all the parties involved, while trying to determine just how big is too big and how much is enough.
This is truly a movie that will resonate internally with anyone who's lived in a community and watched it's charater and scenic beauty slowly wither away over time. It's not a documentary about bashing wealthy people. In my opinion, it's a moving documentary that's balanced and well worth watching (especially if you live in places like Newport, Narragansett, & Westerly).
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