Ryan Center Annual Report

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Ryan Center Annual Report

Postby RF1 » 5 months ago

I came across this on the Ryan Center site and found it interesting. It reviewed the last year and went over some building improvements I was not even aware of. Broke out revenue by event type and attendance. Also identified big concession revenue increases in beer/wine sales as well as increased coffee and hot chocolate with introduction of Dunkin Donuts. Good read.

https://dbj4szup2cdle.cloudfront.net/me ... lrepor.pdf

Capital Improvements
Seating Covers: With several promoters inquiring about the flexibility to black out certain seats/sections for shows, we
looked into several different options include seats cover and curtain systems. After researching all options and the price
associated with each option; we moved forward with the purchase of several custom sized seat covers that now provide
us the ability to black out majority of the 300 level if desired by the promoter. This creates a very intimate feel for the
patrons and the artist, while also providing the venue more appeal to promoters when routing shows as it showcases the
Ryan Center’s capacity flexibility that many of these promoters are now requiring for national tours.

Arena Painting: Several areas inside the arena had been exposed to the natural concrete since the building’s inception
in 2002. After looking into several different ways to spruce up those areas in a more appealing manner, we decided to
paint the natural concrete a navy blue to give it a warm and appealing “Rhody” feel.

Tower Painting & Graphics: In addition to several areas inside the arena, all three of the Ryan Center’s towers had exposed
natural concrete and white trimming that was original to the venue. In an effort to improve the aesthetics in all three
towers, we chose to paint the natural concrete a navy blue to provide that “Rhody” feel similar to the in-arena elements,
while also allowing Rhody Sports Properties (Learfield Sports) the ability to sell the white trimming as new inventory.
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