Facebook Moderation Guidelines Leaked to the Guardian

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Facebook Moderation Guidelines Leaked to the Guardian

Postby EGram » 9 months ago


As someone who has a fairly libertarian view towards the internet and is very concerned with attempt by the recent trend of people trying to pressure the government and and big company's to censor I actually found most of the stuff to be actually pretty reasonable.

Personally I have not touched my Facebook account sine 2005 as my experience with Myspace before that made me feel social networks of these types just breed drama contempt, comparison culture, and jealousy.

But I am interested in hearing how Facebook users feel abut these rules as I worry censorship of the internet will make it a far less open and interesting place for future generations.. In my view people can always just not look at things if they find it offensive. The days of people randomly linking to goatse has been over for a longtime.
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