Star Wars: Rogue One

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Lamar Odom
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Star Wars: Rogue One

Unread postby BleedBlue87 » 8 months ago

Fellow Ram fans, I saw the latest Star Wars installment last night and I am here to tell you that I very much enjoyed it. If you are a Star Wars fan it will give you a new appreciation for A New Hope.
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Cuttino Mobley
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Re: Star Wars: Rogue One

Unread postby PeterRamTime » 7 months ago

I second that 87!
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Steve Chubin
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Re: Star Wars: Rogue One

Unread postby thatRamBand » 7 months ago

It was cool how seamlessly they showed the transition from Rogue One to ANH.

But seriously Leia...did you think Vader was going to believe you were on a "diplomatic mission to Alderaan"? Kinda understand now why Vader's so pissed, since he JUST SAW the ship leave lol.
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Cuttino Mobley
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Re: Star Wars: Rogue One

Unread postby Rhodymob05 » 7 months ago

Awesome movie, talk about filling a gap in the plot. Vader is one bad MF'er
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