Board Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

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Board Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

Postby ATPTourFan » 5 years ago

Note: This document will be updated as necessary. Feel free to post suggestions or your own questions that you wanted answered at the end of this thread.


1) No excessive swearing. A few naughty words are fine, since I'm sure we've all heard worse at every annual URI-PC game. However, this board is not the place to test out your personal additions to George Carlin's list.

2) Similar to the previous rule, don't swear or insult other users. It's okay to say, "You know, I don't really agree with your opinion because of X, Y and Z." It's NOT okay to say, "I don't agree with you because you're an F'ing F-Face."

3) Don't troll. For the uninitiated, trolling is posting something just to get a rise out of another user. Some light ribbing is to be expected, but don't hound the same user in thread after thread.

4) When posting images, the rating of the board should be considered between PG and R. Please don't post anything obviously offensive or "Not Safe for Work".


Question: How do I change the display time for the board topics?
You want to check out the User Control Panel link at the top of this page and continue on to Profile, or just click here. If you want to change the time, scroll to the bottom and switch where it says My Timezone. If you're on the East Coast, you want GMT -5. You should also set Daylight Savings Time if appropriate, just below timezone.

Question: How do I get a picture next to my name?
To put a picture next to your name, first, find an appropriate picture online. You might use Wikipedia or Google Images, for example. This part is a little tricky - It needs to be a maximum of 140 by 140 pixels and no larger than 75KB. The easiest solution is to save the picture to your hard drive, then 1) re-size it using Photoshop or your own image edit or 2) do it with this online photo editor.

Question: What are these player names under my user name?!
They're the "rankings" based on how many posts you have.

  • Frank Keaney 10,000
  • Ernie Calverley 7500
  • Tyson Wheeler 5000
  • Sly Williams 3500
  • Carlton Owens 2114
  • Cuttino Mobley 1500
  • Tom Garrick 1000
  • Art Stephenson 750
  • ARD 500
  • Jimmy Baron 339
  • Big Ed Brown 338
  • Lamar Odom 275
  • Kenny Green 200
  • Jeff Kent 150
  • Steve Chubin 100
  • Marc Upshaw 75
  • Michael Andersen 54
  • Abdul Fox 25
  • Frenchy Tomlin 10
  • Jim Eitner 2
  • Zach "1 and Done" Marbury 1
  • Walk-On 0
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