Delaware Stadium upgrade

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Sly Williams
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Delaware Stadium upgrade

Postby RhowdyRam02 » 3 months ago

The University of Delaware is getting ready to start a $60 million upgrade to Delaware Stadium ... 843762001/

That sound you heard is URI falling even further behind in facilities.
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Carlton Owens
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Re: Delaware Stadium upgrade

Postby Rhodymob05 » 3 months ago

Looking at that campus master plan really makes me think our entire outdoor athletic facility needs revamping.
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rambone 78
Frank Keaney
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Re: Delaware Stadium upgrade

Postby rambone 78 » 3 months ago

Nothing 50 million or so wouldn't fix.....

Going to take many years to upgrade all that needs to be upgraded.
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Hal Kopp
Art Stephenson
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Re: Delaware Stadium upgrade

Postby Hal Kopp » 3 months ago

RhodyMob & Rambone yes to both. Am told $30-$40M.
There is a capital campaign coming up. School should go to state-first $20M goes to athletic facilities-you match it !!
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