It can be done!

Will Rams Football ever compete for the CAA championship? Will Hockey go D1? Are the Lady Rams on the rise?
Hal Kopp
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It can be done!

Postby Hal Kopp » 4 months ago ... ivy-league
Read this!

I will take Rhodys talent over any team in the Ivy.
I will take any of these 4 coaching staffs over Rhodys-Brown,Columbia, Dartmouth and Harvard.
The only reason not more is I am not familiar with the rest. This season has been a huge disappointment.
"Nuff said".
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Uncle Ed
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Re: It can be done!

Postby Uncle Ed » 4 months ago

That was a great article and yes it can be done. The right coach and a determined administration are the key. Bagnoli's comment about how important it is for the kids to have fun is spot on. There is not a lot of that going on in Kingston. Maybe, Nick Saban was talking about Rhode Island because turning this program around would be one of the great accomplishments in his career!
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Re: It can be done!

Postby Rhodymob05 » 4 months ago

Certainly gives programs like URI hope that the right coaching hire can change everything. Columbia was down in the dirts for a while. Boy what a season for them.
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Re: It can be done!

Postby OBRAM » 4 months ago

I believe it can be done, but keep in mind, Columbia has put money into the facilities, Columbia never said they would quit football, but the football stadium is 100 streets north of campus, not the best of situations, were URI had lots of space on campus.
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